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The 8 Tools of Recovery

SIA Literature, available on the SIA World Service website, is an important tool of recovery. Reading can keep us connected to the program anytime.

  1. Survivorship: Abstinence form victimization.

  2. Sponsorship: We cannot work this program alone. We get a sponsor to help us work the steps; we sponsor others to keep us honest and recovering. Some of us choose to co-sponsor each other.

  3. Meetings: The place where we share our experience, strength and hope and hear how the program works. Getting to as many meetings as possible helps transform us from victims into survivors.

  4. Telephone: Reaching out to others between meetings lifts our isolation. We learn to connect with others; no matter where we are on the continuum between pain and celebration.

  5. Writing: A way of making conscious contact with ourselves, our histories and our Higher Power.

  6. Literature: Reading can keep us connected to the program any time of day or night.

  7. Service: We can’t keep it unless we give it away. We are all responsible for our own recovery, including the upkeep of SIA. There are many ways to serve.

  8. Anonymity: Respecting another’s anonymity means preserving their confidentiality. Also, we learn to place principles before personalities and find that we are all equal before God and all deserving of recovery

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While SIANewYork adheres to Tradition 6 prohibiting or endorsing outside agencies, Tradition 12 prompts us to carry our message of hope and healing to the incest survivor who still suffers. In that spirit, we list the following resources:

Survivors of Incest Anonymous World Service Organization
Safe Horizon: Moving victims of violence from crisis to confidence
NYC Department of Mental Health & Hygiene: 1-800-LIFENET
Lexington Ave Women's Shelter: 85 Lexington Ave., Brooklyn
Winona's House: 185 Washington St., Newark, NJ
Fort Washington Men's Shelter: 216 Fort Washington Ave., NYC
NYC Department of Homeless Services: Single Adult Services
Recovery Residence Inc. Female Beds Available, Nassau County, NY; Referrals/Info: (516) 771-6586
US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development: Shelters for men, women & families
Baltimore, MD Survivors of Incest Anonymous
SIA New England Intergroup

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